Active Tres Dias Membership

The Administrative Committee of the International Secretariat had suggested the following guidelines for active membership in Tres Dias.

Required: Completed TD/equivalent weekend

Involved in some of all of the following:

Attends Secuelas and/or Secretariats

Member of a Reunion Group

Weekend Support: prayer; palanca; sponsor a candidate; attend opening/closing services; mananita; participate in a weekend committee; etc.

Serve as an officer or as a member of local secretariat; local delegate to TDI Assembly; officer or member of TDI Secretariat (must have attended TDI Assembly within last 4 years)

Attend TD Essentials Training and/or serve as Trainer (certification good for 5 years)

Future Weekend
Women's #29 will be held August 35-28, 2022 at Camp Burton