Next Secuela

June 1, 6PM at

Bay Presbyterian

25415 Lake Rd, Bay Village

Next Secretariat

June 1, 5PM

Bay Pres

Next Weekend:  Women's #30

May 2-5, 2024

Weekend Application here

Weekend verse
for Women's #30:

All we like sheep have gone astray;
We have turned, every one, to his own way;  and the Lord has laid on Him the iniquity of us all. - Isaiah 53:6

New Pescadors!


1. Tammey Parker

2. Colleen Gelardi

3. Kelley McElligott

4. Diana Scott

5. Ray Jefferson

6. Connie Doss

7. Jennifer Borowski

8. Niki Haag

9. Brenda Driscoll

10 . Adella Blount

11. Linda Coleman

12. Kelly Brown

13. Deneen Pollard-Stubbs

14. Ciara Boyd

15. Marissa Bell

16. Catie Huff

17. Jennifer Lehman-Clement

18. Petrina Patterson

19. Suzann Williams

20. Teresa McVicker

21. Samantha Wolff

22. Tashia Craft

23. Tracy Williams

24. Janice Webber

25. Erika Jarvis-Jones

26. Barbara Smith

27. Jeanene Jackson-Searight

28. Deidra Gates

29. Samantha Watson

30. Bettye Morgan

Discover Tres Dias 

For those who want to know more about Tres Dias

For New Pescadors

For those who have recently completed a weekend


Tools for the Community to stay in touch

Team Roster

Rectora: Cassandra Kearney

Assistant Rectoras:

            Ashley Gubanc , Laura Skipper

Chief Aux: Lisa Pringle 

Asst Chief Aux: Lisa Avery

Music Director: Kevin Robison

Spritual Directors:

           Wendy Parks, Richard Gibson,
            and Dave Starke 

Weekend Chairs:

           Francine and Gil Stallworth


Jan Wolff 

 Mariama Jalloh 

 Denise Palma

 Lynn Turman 

 Jane Lyon 

 Laurie Pantelemon

 Terry Weber 

 Sue Gura 

 Terri Distallo 


Table Leaders:

  Takiba Thompson  

  Theresa Gibson

  Kayla Perchinske  

  Victoria Taylor

  Bailey Moore 

  Carla Coleman 

  Betty Bryant 

  Terri Trowbridge

  Lezlee Sims

  Tanya Pickett

  Jo-Ann Bush 

  Tonya Busic

  Heidi Minick Starke

  Nicole Enold